The Color Tree is a magical fantasy for readers ages 3-8, in which lessons of color and color mixing are being taught. A little boy coming upon a colorless landscape realizes the world needs color and begins throwing magical apples at everything in sight. With each hit, color appears until the entire landscape is awash in color.

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Molly loves art. One of her favorite pastimes, besides painting at her own easel, is visiting the art museum. The moment she arrives, she begins a magical journey that transports her right into the works of some of the world's greatest artists - she chases Constable's rainbow, dances with Degas' ballerinas, plays guitar with Picasso's musicians, floats on Monet's lily pad, and more.

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A boy and girl meet in New York City's Central Park. They playfully throw red, yellow, and blue apples high into the cityscape watching them disappear in between the buildings and wondering where they have landed. To find out they grasp balloons that have floated towards them. They float through the city to see the secondary colors that have resulted from all their fun.

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