Denise Minnerly graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in art education and BFA in the arts. She continued her art education at the Arts Student League in New York City and Silvermine School of Art in CT. She is the illustrator of three published children’s books relating to art, The Color Tree, Molly Meets Mona and Friends and Painting the Town. Minnerly exhibits her work in the tri-state area. Her paintings are displayed by public corporations throughout the Northeast.

Minnerly’s paintings elicit visual surprise for viewers. Her secco frescoes are similar to the frescoes perfected during the renaissance. A base of plaster holds the pigment to a panel. Minnerly then adds collaged items and wax to create her conceptual pieces.

Minnerly’s passion and reverence for life, from the environment to social mores, fires her work as she moves and transforms thought into art. She explores varied social dichotomies in a humorous vein. In “Out to Dry” a large house looms on the frame with small houses dangling from its clothes line. A “starter castle” sits directly opposite a small house with playful fish springing from each house symbolizing the thoughts of each abode. Her houses are visual metaphors conveying wry observations of North America today.