Review of The Village Project

"The ambiguity in it makes it that much more absorbing."

New Haven Independent, April 2019

Reviews of "Painting the Town"

"A charming and playful story, meant to instill amazement at experiencing the joy of color."

Midwest Book Review, May 2009

Real Art Ways' "Slide Slam" - March 2008, Selected Artist

March also features our annual Slide Slam. The works of art in the Slide Slam are from our open call for emerging artists who live in New York and New England.

Press Release: Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT

Haviland Gallery Group Show review - January 2006
"Building on an American Image"
Norwalk exhibit examines houses and barns in art, by Abby Luby

In "My House is Bigger Than Yours lll" by Minnerly, elegant and simple tent shapes reminiscent of Russian fairy tale castles are suspended, tethered by decoration collaged spires from peaked roofs. Two large tents, one partially seen, float over an impastoed, luminescent gold "sea", and a string of golden-yellow fish flutter out of the water forming an arch over the waves. Minnerly uses the five-sided tent shape in several pieces. In three paintings titled, "Family Tree", small, thin, graceful tents dangle between large trees-- a playful reversal of the usual dominance the average house has over trees. In a dream-like wintry forest, tree roots are talons in the snow, perhaps referencing ones community roots. Minnerly's "Smoke Signals" uses complex imagery in a subtle geometric grid. Two red birds midflight are at either end of line held between their beaks. Smoke-like plumes emanate from the birds, swirling into the sky, where four small houses swing wide at the end of intersecting trajectories. The golden ground is a frenzied, vast moving underworld that captures a rush of fish, birds and organic matter. Minnerly's concept of the house is the most poetically palatable allowing us to tap into her fanciful dream.

The Advocate & Greenwich Times

City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport, CT - June 2005
"Blue" Group Show

"(The show) continues with whimsical paintings of Minnerly, who combines a richly textured secca fresco techinique with collage to create spare compositions with a notable surface tension. She makes wry observations on formalism with flying fish, suspended buildings and other objects created out of decorative elements. Ultimately, she creates a playful space that spans past, present, and future by integrating the natural elements in an original and compelling manner. This freedom to dive into the ambiguity of the unconscious may be what "Blue" is ultimately about."

The Stamford Advocate and Greenwich TimesJune 12, 2005 

Kerrigan Campbell Gallery, New York City - December 2004
Group Show in NYC Looks "Home for the Holidays"

Kerrigan Campbell art + projects is presenting "Home for the Holidays",a group show featuring eight artists, through January 30. "Home for the Holidays" is a show celebrating the home, the holidays, and a sense of personal space. The show includes work in a variety of media, including photography, watercolor,oil painting, collage and fresco... Denise Minnerly paints fanciful, imaginary homes resembling tents with spindly spires. Stylized birds are collaged onto azure skies and cutout fish swim in goldleaf seas...

Antiques And the Arts Weekly, December 2004

Reviews of “Molly Meets Mona and Friends”

“The book has been used in several programs at the gallery and is regularly stocked by the gallery store.  It’s a very nice book and certainly one way for children to enter the world of the museum." 

“Molly Meets Mona and Friends is an unusually effective collaboration that introduces painting and sculpture to young readers, and is a welcome addition to any school or community library childrens picture book collection”.

The New York Times, January 28, 1999

Reviews of "The Color Tree"

"A delightful fantasy for children."

Darien News Review, Oct 28, 1993